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5 reasons why you need a drag and drop IVR solution

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution is a voice call technology that lets callers interact with your business using automated menus and keypad prompts. You know, “press ‘1’ for account balance”.

IVR’s have been around for ages, but cloud platforms with drag and drop interfaces have not.  They enable businesses to build and change IVR’s within minutes, no IT expertise required.

Now there’s a host of reasons to love Upwire’s drag and drop IVR solution, but here are our customer’s top five.


1. No IT involvement to build or change the IVR

Both inbound and outbound IVR’s (Interactive Voice Response) require no specialist IT skills to create. You can simply drag and drop the required modules into order to create your IVR call flow. From multi-choice menus, to call recordings for legal agreements, and keypad inputs of passcodes.

No IT involvement means it’s done in minutes, not months. And you’re spared the prohibitive costs of funding a team of programmers to do the job.


2. Add or change menu options in a minute

Let’s say ten percent of all your callers are being transferred to a live operator just to ask about store opening hours.  With Upwire you could create a new menu option with a recorded message of opening hours. And it would take a minute. If that.

Right away you’ve unloaded 10% of your call centre capacity with the dynamic drag and drop interface.


3. Use voice biometric authentication

The gold standard in phone authentication can be used in any Upwire IVR solution. Used and trusted by banks globally, the same technology is available without any upfront cost via the drag and drop IVR builder.


4. Transfer call queues instantly

Re-routing your call queues is as easy as changing a phone number extension and hitting launch. No mucking around with a PABX, no coding up a complex cloud solution.


5. Change queue messages in a flash

If you’re facing a temporary spike in call volumes, changing the introductory message is as simple as making a sound file recording – right from the web browser interface – and setting it live.


Drag and drop keeps your IVR agile

A true drag and drop IVR solution gives businesses unlimited flexibility. It allows your company to respond in real time to issues as they arise – without technical complexity or excessive costs. Actually, there’s no cost at all for the set up or any subsequent changes.  And anyone can do it. Call centre managers, office managers or the operations head.


To talk to us today about how you can harness Upwire’s revolutionary drag and drop IVR solution in your organisation.

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