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How to A/B test different comms channels

There are countless great A/B testing tools available to marketers these days. They’ll let you test different headlines, colour schemes, sign up buttons, and images. So, anything online really.

But how many allow you to A/B test the biggest difference maker there is – communication channels? You know, SMS vs email, email vs automated phone call, SMS vs phone call…

None spring to mind. Except Upwire.

Now this is significant as the communication channel can make an ENORMOUS difference to a campaign’s performance.

Case in point: a financial services provider that improved dormant application completion rates by a factor of 5 by testing SMS vs email. This was driven through vastly superior open rates, click through rates, and finally application completions.

And it was enabled in minutes by Upwire.

Look at how easy it easy to split data sets and run valid A/B tests for entirely different communication mediums. Choose from voice calls, SMS and email.



So what are you waiting for? Stop messing about trying to eek out another 1% improvement by changing your sub-header font.

Sign up for a FREE TRIAL of Upwire today and kick off your first multi-channel A/B test.


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