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One ridiculously easy way to ensure your message gets read

Post by on November 9, 2016

Never underestimate people’s ability to ignore inconvenient truths. Like the fact over 40% of marketing and service emails sent to customers won’t ever get opened.

Unfortunately, most of us prefer to believe our communications are effective because we put a lot of time into them.  We carefully crafted the content, and gave it a witty headline. Then the design got the full treatment. Surely, it will be a raging success.

And yet no matter how good it is, AT LEAST 40% won’t be opened. So now what?

Stop employing the ‘head in the sand’ strategy and automate a ‘plan B’ communication (AKA ‘failover’). If the email goes unopened, send an SMS or call.

With Upwire it’s easy. Simply add an SMS or Voice call module for your failed email scenario. Check it out:



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