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How to set up a cloud IVR in minutes

One of the most common Upwire use cases is interactive voice response (IVR) systems. For the uninitiated, this is a sequence of recorded messages made on a voice call, where the user is prompted for keypad inputs.  You know, “press 1 to speak to customer service”.

This is the enabling technology behind phone surveys, automated call routing, automated receptionists, and ‘robo-polling’ (recorded phone surveys).

Rather than tell you how easy it is to build an IVR using the Upwire platform, we’ll show you in less than 2 minutes.  Check out this video we take you through how to build an IVR on the Upwire platform. Once live, you can make changes in real time using the same drag and drop process you used to build it.



For a FREE TRIAL of Upwire, hit the link and see how easy it is build your own IVR in minutes.

We can also help you with IVR payment gateways to accept credit card payments over the phone, and voice biometrics authentication. Get in touch here and we’d be happy to talk through your requirements.

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