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Launched: Paid by Upwire

The quickest and easiest way to securely accept credit card payments over the phone, without code

Building secure payment IVRs does not need to be hard and you don’t need to be a developer.

Paid by Upwire allows you to take advantage of PCI compliant “best-in-breed” cloud infrastructure to securely accept credit card payments over the phone without the need for any human interaction.

You can choose from a selection of pre-integrated gateways including Stripe, Forte Payments, Fluid Pay or Sage Pay or you can bring your existing gateway. 


Here’s how it works

Paid by Upwire makes capturing credit card details easy and secure, by automatically passing keypad inputs to the payment gateway of your choice for secure processing

The benefit of the pre-built module is that all payment-related aspects of the IVR can then be moved around and dropped into the IVR flow together. It keeps things clean and simple, and prevents mistakes such as missed voice prompts or incorrect keypad input settings.


It’s a matter of security

If you’re serious about payment security and clamping down on call centre fraud, you simply have to have customers entering their card details into the keypad.  No agent should see or hear the inputs. 

Reading out card details for manual entry by an agent is fraught with risk, and it’s only a matter of time before temptation leads to card theft – and puts your business’ reputation at risk.

Paid by Upwire ensures that all DTMF recording and logging is deactivated. No identifiable card information is stored. Ever.


Use cases

Accept payments 24/7: Accept payments at any time, even while you sleep. No live agents needed.

Collect Missed Payments: Automatically notify customers if they miss a payment and collect payment on the spot.

Reduce fraud: Protect your customers and secure your contact center. No human interactions means no card theft.

Abandoned carts: Notify online shoppers and complete checkout over the phone.

…..and many more.


We’re here to help.

For more information about building secure payment IVRs in minutes, or to set up your own payment gateway, contact an Upwire payment specialist today. We will even build your first IVR for you, free of charge!

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