Power-up your customer retention.

Build positive customer engagement that strengthens loyalty. Ensure your customers feel valued, grow revenue streams, and reduce customer churn. Create automated, multi-channel customer conversations that deliver extraordinary results, fast.



How we do it

Customer Retention & Uplift

Drive better results for your business and your customers

Retain and grow the value of your customer base

Have more meaningful and productive interactions with your customers, from every outbound communication. Create automated workflows that drive retention, uplift and engagement. By enabling customers to complete transactions more easily, they stay more engaged.

Re-engage with customers throughout the lifecycle

Support automated conversations, enquiry responses, and creation of new contracts. Deploy dynamic NanoSites to drive completion of data capture. Enable IVR voice interactions to collect data and streamline processes.

Up-sell, cross-sell and upgrades

Encourage and facilitate customer migration to higher revenue/ profit plans, memberships or agreements. Help customers on legacy plans move to products that deliver suite them better – and increase revenue for your business.

Re-activate lapsing customers

Tackle customer disengagement and drop-off with communications that re-activate relationships. Automate a staged engagement strategy, based on triggers in the customer lifecycle journey for lapsing customers.

Reduce customer churn

Decreases customer churn rates with ongoing personal communications that build loyalty. Automate a staged win-back strategy based on triggers in the customer journey. The cost of winning new customers is high, so make sure you retain the customers you have!

Cut call centre costs with automation and self-service

Reduce high call centre reliance and cost. Automate low-skill tasks like balance checks – that take up resource, time and money to manually deal with. By automating and digitising, you provide better, lower-cost outcomes than even offshore call centres can achieve. With a better customer experience.

Who we work with

Organisations around the world use Upwire for customer retention and uplift – and deliver extraordinary results.


Estimated incremental
revenue increase


Typical reduction in
customer churn


Decrease in customer service staff call and admin workload

Case studies

Thorn Business Finance

A 660% increase in customer engagement drives retention for Thorn. With NanoSites™ triggered by SMS and email outreach, there was also a $8mill+ in incremental revenue.

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Case studies


Retaining customers through payments re-engagement for online auction house Grays also reduced staff on collections by 80% and improved collection rates by over 30%.

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Make it happen

Provide a personalised experience and reduce customer frustration. Keep customers happy and engaged. Easily configure automated customer conversations, so you get extraordinary results… fast.

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