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Set up two-way rostering SMS in minutes with Upwire

Stop wasting time doing the ‘ring-around’

Absenteeism is a persistent problem for businesses of all sizes. Filling shifts takes time. And it often leaves employees feeling pressured to work shifts left vacant at the last minute by their colleagues. Fortunately Upwire can help with a simple automated communication flow that is set up in just minutes.

Two thirds (66%) of decision makers in large companies are concerned with absenteeism and 54 percent report the phenomenon negatively affects productivity. Whether the absenteeism is due to illness, low morale or disengagement, filling shifts is absolutely business critical.


Upwire’s two-way SMS solution – built in minutes

Upwire lets you do this via intelligent automated SMS. The steps of the communication workflow are simple:

  1. Fire an SMS to all employees with details of the shift that needs to be filled.
  2. Ask your staff to reply with an SMS keyword (e.g. ‘Yes’) if they can work the shift.
  3. Send an SMS to all staff confirming the shift has been filled, and who’s filling it (to avoid any doubt).

For full step-by-step instructions on how to set up a two-way SMS workflow with Upwire check out this short video.


Note there are two ways to use your employee contact details with Upwire:

1. A simple spreadsheet upload.

The easiest way to create your two-way SMS workflow is simply by uploading a spreadsheet containing your employees names and contact mobile numbers.  Upwire will then use this to send personalised SMS to each recipient.


2. Integrate with your rostering software via API

You can also integrate your workforce scheduling software – such as Workday or Kronos – with Upwire. To do this you’ll need to get your developer to hook into Upwire’s API. 

The benefit of this approach is that you can then automatically trigger an SMS as soon as an employee is reported absent, and employee names and contact details are always kept current. It’s also possible to get the benefit of payroll being kept in sync with the updated roster too.

Set up your first workforce rostering SMS with a free Upwire trial.

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