Discover the technology powering our customer communications platform.

Achieve exceptional outcomes with a drag-and-drop technology platform, for intelligent automation of all your customer lifecycle interactions. It’s fast and easy with Upwire.

How we do it

With Upwire , it’s easy to create automated, multi-channel customer communication workflows that deliver extraordinary results, fast.

Unified, integrated communications automation

Upwire is an end-to-end multi-channel communications platform. Or you can overlay our comms engine onto your existing tech stack – even integrating legacy systems. Our technology is delivered as-a-service from our secure cloud platform. And with a low-code intuitive drag-and-drop communications workflow builder, it is quick and easy to create intelligent customer interaction paths.

Integrated multi-channel messaging

Built from the ground up to be multi-connector, multi-route and multi-channel

• SMS: Global 2-way SMS smart routing delivery.
• Email: Localised email delivery means less risk of being filtered.
• Voice: Global delivery for IVR with proprietary voice switches.
• Messaging and chatbots: Build in any apps to your workflow
• Include offline channels: Letters, QR codes and more.

All the integrations and data tools you need

Gain simple API integrations, data ingestion and data mapping that make it quicker and easier for your business to achieve outstanding results.

• APIs: Rapid API integration with any system webhook management.
• UI Builder: Drag-and-drop interface for workflow and content.
• Custom Handlers: Business process orchestration, PIN codes, time of day, customer pacing.

Who we work with

We help organisations all over the world communicate more effectively with their customers. We’d love to talk to you about the technology behind these amazing results – and how we can make it work for you.


Average incremental client
revenue increase


Improvement in customer engagement


Average reduction in customer service staff workload


Thorn Business Finance

With NanoSites™ triggered by SMS and email outreach, Thorn achieved a 660% increase in customer engagement. And $8mill+ in incremental revenue.



Harnessing the power and inbuilt security of NanoSites, online auction house Grays reduced the number of staff on collections by 80% and improved collection rates by over 30%.

Make it happen

No matter what your tech stack, Upwire can help you improve automation and results. Our solution is low-code so does not require significant time investment from developers to get you up-and-running.

Let’s Chat

We would love to hear about your organisation, and how we can work together to improve outcomes from your customer communications.

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