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Turbocharge email performance with these 3 Upwire features

Looking to take your email campaigns to the next level? Here are 3 Upwire features that will drive uplift in open rates, engagement and overall campaign effectiveness.


1. Use GIFs

Grab attention with animations or short vids.

What: If you must know, it stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It’s a file format that lets you bring flat emails to life.  They can be used purely for entertainment (think funny memes) or to inform (like a product screenshot).  We use them all the time at Upwire to show online navigation or new product features.  As they say “show, don’t tell…”

How: In the email builder, click ‘images’ and upload any .GIF file. Drag and drop an image onto your email template, click the ‘i’ icon and select your uploaded GIF.

Note: Support for GIFs across email clients is good with the exception of Outlook 2007, 2009 and 2013.  With these email clients, you’ll see just the first frame of the GIF.


2. Failover

Automate a text or call if the email goes unopened.

What: Email has many advantages but compared to a text or voice call, it has a low open rate. For important business communications, you should set a plan ‘B’ communication if your email goes unopened.  You can do this by marking emails as ‘no response’ before sending a backup text or voice call.

How: In the master template, hit the no response icon, then select the amount of time you want to wait before unopened emails are classed as ‘no response’. Hit the ‘+’ below the ‘No response’ icon and attach an SMS or voice template, depending on what you want the next action to be.


3. Delivery delay

Choose send times that maximise open rates.

What: Due to habitual email checking behaviour, certain days and send times perform better then others for open rates. A Coschedule study revealed Tuesday’s are the pick, followed by Thursdays and Wednesdays. For send times, they recommend 10am-11am, followed by 8pm – midnight. As always, results can differ by industry and audience so you’ll want to do some testing for yourself.

How: In the email builder, hit the settings icon up the top. Under ‘delivery delay’ choose the appropriate delay timeframe that will have your campaign sent in prime time.


Over to you

With these 3 opportunities in mind, revisit your email communications and see how you can improve what you’re sending out. You’d be amazed at the difference these changes can make. As always, if you need help with any Upwire features just drop us a line here.

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