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Launched: Upwire Connect for Enterprise

Upwire Connect allows you to easily monitor and manage your Upwire accounts and keep your campaigns compliant at scale

Providing a centralized administration framework, Upwire Connect brings together your business and all your Upwire workflows.

Upwire Connect empowers Senior Management, IT staff, Security staff, Team Leaders and any defined role to control user permissions, modify workflow settings, API libraries and a variety of other controls.

A flexible and feature rich extension that will truly connect your business and give you further control to enhance the way you communicate with your customers.

Key features of Upwire Connect include:

  • Reporting: A centralized dashboard view of job status, statistics and billing information.
  • Job details: Monitor and track your jobs with detailed job status, statistics and billing information.
  • Users: Manage users’ access to accounts.
  • Permissions: Grant user permissions and control access to accounts.
  • Accounts: Create and manage your Upwire accounts.
  • Groups: Organize your Upwire accounts into groups.
  • Logging: Track user actions within your Upwire accounts supporting all your audit and compliance needs.
  • Audit Control: Lock down your Upwire templates to ensure compliance.

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