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Upwire Announces New Integration with Google Cloud Contact Center AI

Upwire’s solution gives Google Cloud customers the ability to create an inbound/outbound multi channel virtual agent and with a simple drag and drop add a transfer to a live agent within minutes

SAN FRANCISCO, JULY 24, 2018: Upwire, a rich communication workflow builder, today announced an integration with Google Cloud’s new Contact Center AI, a solution that combines multiple AI products to improve the customer service experience, as well as the productivity of contact centers. 

Contact Center AI is a simple, secure, and flexible solution that allows enterprises with limited machine learning expertise to deploy AI in their contact centers. The solution integrates with partners like Upwire that customers already work with for easy integration into their systems.

Key features of Upwire’s integration with Contact Center AI include:

> Simple Drag and drop configuration
> Conversational AI to interact with customers instead of using complex phone trees
> Integration with/without Code
> Multi-channel conversations
> Ability to be live in minutes
> Live agent assistance with real time suggestions; suggested answers and documents for the live agent to assist customers

“Upwire strives to democratize technology and this integration is another example of success for both companies. Our integration with Google’s new Contact Center AI allows customers to innovate quickly and create agility to meet today’s contact center challenges and improve their customer experience” said Ben Brophy, CEO and Co-Founder of Upwire.

“Contact Center AI empowers enterprises to use AI to complement and enhance their contact centers,” said Rajen Sheth, Director of Product Management. “Google Cloud’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use AI for contact centers through our relationships with key partners like Upwire .”



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