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Upwire pro tip: Call a customer if they SMS keyword ‘Call’

For a customer experience that is guaranteed to deliver a NPS spike, offer to call your customers if they reply to an SMS with ‘CALL’.  It tells your customers you are serious about providing them a resolution and are willing to do it on their terms.

It’s especially well received in industries where overseas travel is likely. For example, insurance, hotel bookings and corporate conferences.


Here’s how to set it up in Upwire:

> In the SMS builder, create an SMS message with reply word ‘CALL’ set up in the branching. The SMS should contain something like “If you’d like one our staff to call you back reply CALL”.

> Go back to the master template, click the ‘band aid’ icon and set the rule “If <SMS name> contains call”, then “If there is any data left the data will be ignored”

Now set the action you want for that rule.  So anyone replying with SMS containing CALL, get an outbound call by attaching a new voice template, and within it connect a transfer module.


See it in action in this 1-minute video:



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