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Upwire pro tip: Set-up A/B testing in short order

Every now and then we like to shine a light on one of Upwire’s brilliant features. One that can make your life a whole lot easier in just a few clicks.

In focus this week is data splitting for ‘A/B testing’ – a way to run side-by-side tests to see what communication strategy works better. For example an email for half the recipients and an SMS for the other half.

Here how:

  1. Click the cloud icon in the master template. This is where all your campaign data – eg contact lists – comes in to the template.
  2. Set up an ‘If’ rule to define the first batch of data. For example “If customer ID is less than #100”
  3. Set up an ‘If’ rule to define your next batch of data. If this is to contain all remaining data set it to be “If there is any data left, the rest of the data will be in this group”.
  4. Then connect a new template – SMS, Voice or Email – to the second branch. That’s it!
  5. Once one communication strategy is proving to outperform the other, simply click the cloud icon again and set your rule so all data is going to the one higher performing stream.

Check the vid to see how simple it is:



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