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Upwire and VoiceIt team up to simplify voice biometric security

Upwire releases VoiceIt voice biometrics module, cutting through the code to make voice biometrics quick and easy

The voice channel has long been considered as the weakest link in the chain when it comes to protecting your business and customers from identity fraud. Now more than ever, your business should be considering voice biometric solutions.

And the good news is, voice biometric security just got a whole lot easier with Upwire and our new technology partner VoiceIt.


Who is VoiceIt?

VoiceIt provides a cloud-based, pay as you go, biometric voice authentication system that empowers you to rapidly build and deploy security solutions. Whatever your integration needs, VoiceIt removes traditional obstacles of entry to provide a voice security platform at a reasonable cost.


How does it work?

Upwire users can now set up enrollment and verification workflows using VoiceIt’s API2.0 within minutes. This is thanks to a single drag and drop module, new to the Upwire platform. No coding or specialist IT skills are needed.

By taking a typically code intensive application and providing users with a single pre-built module, Upwire makes it quick and easy for anyone in your organization, from your CTO to your summer interns, to harness the power of VoiceIt’s solutions.

This is thanks to Upwire’s the drag and drop interface that allows you to build intelligent communication workflows without code.

Don’t believe us? Check out this short video showing you how to build a voice biometrics flow in under 4 minutes.



“When we discovered Upwire and their drag and drop workflow builder we saw the value this adds to the IVR Telephony Market. We had to be part of it. We are excited to partner with Upwire to bring voice biometric security to people worldwide with a simple modular implementation only Upwire and VoiceIt can provide!” said Noel Grover, President and Founder of VoiceIt Technologies.

“We love the power of the VoiceIt APIs. We are excited to make VoiceIt’s solution available to anyone in the market, regardless of your developer resources” said Ben Brophy, CEO and Co-Founder of Upwire. “We welcome VoiceIt to the growing family of sophisticated technologies that anyone can use through Upwire’s drag and drop modules.”


Next Steps

It’s time to get serious about security and identity fraud and biometric voice authentication forms an integral piece of the puzzle.

Sign up for a free VoiceIt account and contact Upwire today to arrange a demo.

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