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Zync is now Upwire

As you may already know, Zync is rebranding as Upwire.

Since creating Upwire a little over a year ago we’ve been running the Zync and Upwire brands side-by-side.  And while we’ve grown attached to the Zync name after pouring our heart and soul into it over the last 8 years, the time has come to move forward as Upwire.


Here’s why.

There are several reasons for the rebranding:

We’ve had consistent feedback that all the powerful features of the Zync platform should be available on the Upwire platform. With product functionality converging, it makes sense to move forward under just the Upwire brand.

Upwire’s exponential international growth requires one name for all markets and all customers.

Finally, we wanted to remove any confusion for new and existing customers, particularly those operating in multiple countries.


Everything you loved about Zync is now available with Upwire.

The shift to Upwire signals more features and capabilities, not less. It’s an exciting time for the company as we strive to make the most powerful, easy-to-use cloud communications platform on the market.


It’s business as usual.

The re-brand won’t change much for existing customers.

 > You can still log in and use the Zync platform for the foreseeable future.

 > You may still receive invoices from ‘Zync’ for a period of time.

 > There’s no impact to existing agreements.

Don’t worry, any emails to Zync addresses will still find us too. The main thing is when you see Upwire, you know it’s us.


Thank you.

Finally, we want to thank all our customers for their continued business and support.  Without you we wouldn’t be able to embark on this exciting new phase of the company as Upwire.  We look forward to working together with you all, side-by-side.

We’ll be in contact personally in the coming weeks, but if you have questions in the meantime do email us at support@upwire.com.

All the best,
The team at Upwire

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