Email or SMS communications
Email or SMS communications

May 24th, 2017 / Business Communications

Customers completely ignoring emails? Do this.

You could try yet another subject line, change up the copy, and even add some sassy emoticons.  But at this point, you might have to admit that you’ve got the most out of your email campaigns.

Unfortunately, the ceiling for email campaigns isn’t that high.  

An open rate of 40% is considered phenomenal for email, with click throughs in the single digit percentages. So how to get through to the rest? Text messaging. 

Even the best emails don’t come close to the effectiveness of SMS with a 98% open rate. Achieved within minutes of sending.

What’s more, customers want to interact with businesses via SMS.  It’s their preferred medium.

Why you should use multi-channel communications

Now we’re not proposing you use SMS exclusively.  Email will get to 20-35% of your prospective customers, which is useful. It’s also cost effective, which explains why you get so many emails every day.

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Email also has the added benefit of having more usable real estate.  The key factor limiting usable space in an email is the reader’s attention span.

But it’s so hard to ignore the fact that most emails go unread. 

What you need to do is automate the send of SMS to only those that didn’t open their email. That way you get the perfect mix of cost minimisation and optimum open rates.

Now you’ve got your bases covered.  If customers are on holidays, the email gets stuck in a junk folder, or its just blatantly ignored, chances are you’ll still land your message.

Service NSW (roads and maritime services) is one organisation that has employed this approach to great effect. And the business case speaks for itself. If the SMS saves just one days lost revenue from lapsed registration, its paid for itself many times over.



Multiple channels shouldn’t mean multiple providers

Until recently, co-ordinating multi-channel communications was complicated.  Different software or vendors were required for email, SMS and if you chose to use it, voice call channels. And after each send, you’d have to wash your customer data to produce the list for the next send.

And don’t even think of building out multi-channel communication platforms in-house. Less than half such projects succeed at all, while less than one in three are achieved within budget and timeframe.

Not with Upwire.  The one platform combines SMS, email and voice calls. And it’s easy to fire one communication if another goes unopened, unanswered or fails.   Just set the order of your communications, and the conditions each send. So, if the email remains unopened after a day, send an SMS etc.

Test and learn

To find out exactly how much more you can wring out of your customer marketing efforts, try a multi-channel campaign today. With Upwire it’s dead easy.  Use one customer list, automate the send of the email, then automatically send an SMS to those that didn’t open the email.


Log in for a free trial today and see what happens when you go beyond email.



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