Delight your customers and your business with easy automation.

Automate personalised customer conversations, integrated across multiple channels to deliver outstanding results.

Communication automation is an essential part of any businesses’ operation processes. Whether dealing with clients, distributors, suppliers, or others, it is important to have a fast and reliable system to automate communication for your business.

Communication automation systems work through a centralised interface to create, manage, and send different forms of repetitive communications to the desired targets. This is done in bulk, saving your employees and business the trouble of doing everything manually.

Effectively automate personalised customer conversations

If your business needs to send similar messages to many destinations at once, it is definitely easier to have an automated communication system. That doesn’t mean that you can’t optimise multi-channel customer conversations even if your desired message is different for each target. Our intelligent automation systems give you the power to create and automate personalised customer conversations quickly and easily.

Tips for useful and friendly automated communication

The best forms of automated communication come from a place of efficiency. It is always important to remember that communication automation is used to manage a large number of messages — both personalised and general — to manage delivery. That is why Upwire comes in handy. We help you automate your whole system of communication without sacrificing friendliness.

If you want to improve customer satisfaction through communication automation, there are a few things that are handy to keep in mind:

– Auto read receipt replies — Letting the customer know that your business has received an enquiry is important for retention. When a simple automated reply cannot solve an issue, a customer can be left waiting in the dark if they’re not told that their issue is being looked into. Replying with a simple acknowledgement can create a healthy line of communication for the future.

– Customer satisfaction survey — Surveys can be a simple means to gain insights into your customer’s mindset and improve customer interactions in the future.

– Cut down customer service staff workload — Redirect customers to resources like FAQ pages, product information or contact forms with ease.

Feel free to contact us and try our free trial to see just how we can help you. Make sure to also keep up to date with Upwire news & insights for more information.

How we do it

Upwire , it’s easy to create automated, multi-channel customer communication workflows that deliver extraordinary results, fast.

Bring intelligent automation to customer conversations

Create and automate intelligent interaction journeys for your customer communications – quickly and simply. Personalise every interaction with easy data integration and real-time dynamic responses.

Create automated messaging workflows fast

With Upwire, you don’t require technical knowledge or complex coding to get great results. Our drag-and-drop interface enables any business user to define and implement their ideal workflow easily and quickly. The business doesn’t need to wait for technical resource availably, and you get results fast.

Optimise your customer conversations

Edit and optimise your workflows easily. A/B testing tells you what works best – and you can refine your messaging fast. Drive continuous improvement to your automated communications – and create even better outcomes for your business and customers.

Who we work with

We help organisations all over the world communicate more effectively with their customers. Through Upwire’s smart and easy communication automation platform, our clients get extraordinary results… fast.


Average incremental client
revenue increase


Average incremental client
revenue increase


Average reduction in payments & collections staff needed


The BoardRoom Group

Voice automation through smart IVR streamlines processes and means 13 full time employees can be deployed onto other projects.



Automation delivers an 80% reduction in collections staff for - plus a 30% improvement in payment collections.

Make it happen

If you are a company with any repetitive communication processes, Upwire can help you automate those to deliver cost savings and a better customer experience.

Let’s Chat

We would love to hear about your organisation, and chat about how we can work together to automate customer communications more effectively.

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