No coding for sms communications
No coding for sms communications

May 4th, 2017 / Developers

Our new API library

Happy days, our new API documentation is up at!

The new API library is all about making life easy for developers. All major programming languages are catered for, Java, Python, PHP, you name it. And all possible use cases are covered.

This is Upwire’s one-stop shop for voice and text API documentation. Just the ticket to integrate into your Upwire communication workflows. Or you can utilise the raw SMS API.


API docs image



The library covers the four types of use case:
> Batch process
> Wait for API call
> Triggered event (append service)

Change your communication workflows and communications without code.

And of course the great thing about Upwire, once the API is configured you can change the messaging and even the communication medium without code! That means programmers can work on the transformational projects that matter, not maintenance and upkeep of communication workflows.

Integrating with the Upwire platform opens up a world of possibilities. Today our customers use Upwire APIs to do all sorts of great things including:

> Two-factor authentication using SMS passcodes.
> Accpeting credit card payemnts via IVR.
> Daily SMS reminders to customers with lapsed memberships.
> Communication workflows combining phone calls and SMS  to prospects with incomplete finance applications.

Get started now at

As always, we’re here for you at if you need help.




Free to set up and use.*
* SMS, email and voice call costs apply.

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