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Create 2-way SMS reminders in minutes and STOP no-shows

No-shows are the curse of service providers. At best they’re an annoyance, but at worst they are outright destructive to a business’ bottom line.  Upwire lets you set up two-way SMS appointment reminders in minutes, so you can get on the front foot and avoid lost time.


The cost of no shows

No-shows are a given in any service industry.  The extent to which they make a financial impact differs, though the figures are astronomical. For example, the American healthcare industry loses approximately $150 billion to no-shows annually.

In industries dominated by small businesses, a 15% no-show rate can be the difference between life and death. Cleaners, dentists, removalists, you name it, they’re plagued by no-shows.


Why two-way SMS appointment reminders work

A one-way SMS reminder is better than nothing.  But a two-way SMS is better again. A two-way SMS is one where users are prompted to reply with an SMS ‘keyword’ which then generates an automated reply. It’s more effective as it requires engagement and involvement on the part of the user.

If you’re looking for the exact wording to put in your reminder SMS, look no further than right here. There are a few key elements you’ll want to include that take your two-way appointment reminders from good to great. From the obvious (date and time) to the not so obvious (reminding customers of the cost of no-shows to others and themselves).


How to create two-way SMS with Upwire

This is super easy.  Just type your reminder message, and insert any variables such as customer names so the message is personalised. Then set your reply keyword, drag and drop the second SMS message, then connect it to the keyword. Done!

Now just upload your daily customer list and hit ‘go’!



So what are you waiting for?

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