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Upwire’s IVR delivers extreme streamlining for BoardRoom

The BoardRoom Group utilised Upwire’s interactive voice response (IVR) technology to radically streamline share offer enquiries, freeing-up 13 FTEs in the process.


The Challenge

Contact, verify and service investors at global scale

Through its share registry services, BoardRoom routinely manages periodic share offers for its clients as part of capital fund raising efforts.

This involves contacting hundreds of thousands of existing shareholders to offer Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) on the sale of new share tranches.

This process can be costly and time-consuming; existing shareholders need to be verified, as each offer is strictly for existing shareholders.

Previously, BoardRoom had used contact centre staff to take huge volumes of phone calls from existing shareholders. Each caller needs be asked a series of questions so their identity is verified – investor code, post code, and other credentials – before the call can even proceed.

The process was time-consuming, expensive and cumbersome, and the Customer Experience was compromised.


Upwire Solution:

Using voice automation in an integrated workflow

BoardRoom needed an automated, scalable way to contact shareholders, verify them as existing shareholders, and distribute hard copy PDS documents.

With Upwire’s customer lifecycle communications platform, BoardRoom quickly constructed an automated inbound and outbound communications workflow – using interactive voice response (IVR) to receive and qualify shareholders for their share offers.



Exceptional outcomes. Fast.

Using Upwire, BoardRoom was able to:

  • Deploy fast: Build an automated inbound and outbound IVR workflow with Upwire’s drag-and-drop interface – at no upfront cost… then test and implement in one day.
  • Streamline processes: A simple self-serve process for potential investors to access; easy integration of the IVR into the shareholder database via API; remove human error in the checking of investor credentials.
  • Radically reduce costs: Every day the Upwire IVR solution is in operation to manage share offer enquiries, 13 full time staff are freed-up to work on other business priorities.
  • Improve the customer experience: Investors simply enter their ID verification details (via phone keypad) and request a PDS, without needing to talk to a call centre agent.

  • Offer a better service: Raising capital via share issuance is a high-stress undertaking, with clients always eager for updates. Upwire enables BoardRoom to give clients real-time updates on PDS requests – automatically, on a global scale.

    These are transformational results, delivering world-class outcomes.


If you would like to discuss the exceptional outcomes Upwire can deliver across your organisation’s customer lifecycle communications – onboarding, payments or retention – please get in touch. We’d love to chat.

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