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Upwire Supercharges Customer Onboarding


Upwire has delivered a transformative customer onboarding solution for a leading Australian Superannuation group. Initial results show an extraordinary 2300% uplift in the completion of online applications.

Working alongside long-term partner, Link Group for one of their client firms, Upwire’s customer onboarding brief was to replace a manual pension application process with a fully automated and integrated web application.

Using a combination of email, Upwire NanoSites, and dynamic PDFs, Upwire created a robust, secure and future-proof solution which vastly increases process efficiencies and significantly reduces customer drop-offs.

NanoSites are short interactive web experiences; a secure method of presenting and storing customer information. NanoSites are built on the fly, for each individual. Every user journey changes in real-time depending on the information provided. They can be triggered by any communication type: SMS, QR codes, voice, IVR, email and even messenger apps.

In addition to the exceptional customer onboarding application results, a highlight of this implementation is the verified security credentials of Upwire’s solution. Given the PII data being used, the security requirements were rigid and significant. These were tested and proven, during rigorous penetration testing by an independent third party.

“We’re excited by the validation these results provide for the Upwire NanoSite technology, demonstrating the platform’s capability to deliver highly complex workflows, in a seamless and secure manner.”

Shane Berkinshaw, co-founder and CTO, Upwire

It was even more gratifying to receive a proactive inbound endorsement from a customer who onboarded using the new solution:

“Congratulations on developing the online application form, I found the information input was easy and the ID verification etc very smooth. Congratulations on a great online application platform..!!”

New customer feedback

We look forward to updating the industry in the future, on the longer term results and outcomes from this implementation.

If you would like to discuss the exceptional outcomes Upwire can deliver across your organisation’s customer lifecycle communications – onboarding, payments or retention – please get in touch at sales@upwire.com or fill in the form below. We’d love to chat.

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