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One huge mistake companies make in their communications

When David Risley talks business communication, get your pen and notepad ready. His rap sheet includes starting his own technology blog and founding website PCMech.com which generated over a quarter of a million visitors per month. When he started, the word ‘blog’ wasn’t invented.

These days he manages the hugely successful www.blogmarketingacademy.com and doesn’t mind telling you upfront it’s generated over $2 million. When asked what the number one mistake companies make in their customer communications, he answers without hesitation:

“Biggest mistake would be forgetting that sales and marketing don’t stop after the sale is made. Even if they’re already a customer, you still need to constantly sell them on the value and make them feel good about it.”

This is not about collecting email addresses from past customers and bombarding them with ‘exclusive deals’. This is about reinforcing value and creating brand advocates.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be overly resource intensive. Avoid making this huge communications mistake by automating the following:


A ‘Thank You’

This can be incorporated in the shipping updates or receipt, like CD Baby’s famously entertaining example.

If your company partakes in any corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as giving a percentage of proceeds to charity, now’s the time to let your customers know they’ve made a difference.


Welcome and onboarding comms

Get your customers using and loving your products. Digital products excel here if they know what features you’ve used. They can then offer email or online chat help if you’ve abandoned your product discovery.

Simple products can use this strategy too. Fashion brands successfully use follow up communications to talk about care instructions; a great way to highlight fabric quality and give customers a new appreciation.



What better way to reinforce the long term value you provide than sending happy anniversary messages on key milestones?

Real estate agents sending homeowners congratulations on a 1, 2 or 5-year anniversary is a proven winner. Yes, even real estate agents can build goodwill and advocacy! The formula works just as well for appliances, cars, insurance policies and bank accounts.


Periodic maintenance comms

These are a brilliant opportunity to let customers know you care about them getting the most out of their product. This could be business SMS reminders about car servicing, mobile phone software updates, or even lawn mower servicing reminders.


Tips and Tricks

Use these as a way to promote your product’s new features and updates. Experts become advocates, so make sure your product’s most useful features are being used and appreciated.

Reflecting on these post-sale communication opportunities, what is your business sending out today? Do an audit and ask yourself if you are making the biggest mistake in business communications. If so, don’t worry. It’s not too late to start the conversation…

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